Hardin Chamber of Commerce

10 E. Railway • P.O. Box 446 • Hardin, MT 59034
Phone: 406-665-1672 • Fax: 406-665-3577

Hardin Area Chamber of Commerce is located in the old Historic Railroad Depot.
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Hardin, located in Big Horn County, Montana, is surrounded by history. Legendary men such as Lewis and Clark, George Armstrong Custer, Jim Bridger, John Bozeman and John Colter traveled this land, a land occupied by the Crow Indians centuries before their arrival, and by dinosaurs millennia before the Crow.

Hardin is a great base camp for The Little Bighorn Battlefield, visits to Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area and the many other area activities and sites. Little Bighorn Days is a four-day festival that takes place every year towards the end of July, featuring Custer’s Last Stand Re-enactment, which is based on Crow Tribal Elder Joseph Medicine Crow’s translation of Native American writings and talks dating back 200 years ago. With a staged battle occurring in nearby plains, visitors can see a first hand account of what the battle was like. The festival also features ethnic food and wonderful performances.

Each August, Crow Fair attracts tens of thousands of Indians and non-Indians alike to the "Tepee Capital of the World".

The Yellowtail Dam forms the 70-mile-long Big Horn Lake, which is admired for its walleye fishing and water sports. Below the lake is the spectacular Big Horn River, known worldwide by serious trout anglers.

These are but a few experiences waiting to be enjoyed. Plan to visit Hardin, Montana, and experience the heart of the American West.

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