ELICHAI Fine Jewelry

116 N. Main • Livingston, MT 59047
Phone: 406-222-7964

Every ELICHAI Fine Jewelry piece is handcrafted with timeless aesthetic principles in mind. Each piece is designed to perfection, composing jewelry as original as its owner. Exquisite gems are set at just the right locale. Rare metals are embellished with meticulous engraving, creating treasures to cherish for a lifetime and beyond. To design is to dream. They like to dream big at ELICHAI Fine Jewelry. Montana’s “Big Sky” truly inspires when it comes to their custom jewelry design. Going beyond the typical in pursuit of the extraordinary. They emphatically believe custom jewelry design is a collaborative process that involves melding a customer’s unique vision with creativity and artisan skill. Their design process empowers each customer to imagine the impossible and then watch as raw ideas are transformed into astounding, once-in-a-lifetime jewelry.

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