Bozeman Paragliding

1283 Crabapple Dr. • Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: 406-581-2955

Call for directions.

Make time for the unforgettable mountain adventure over the Bridger Mountains or Paradise Valley. Paragliding is aviation in its purest and simplest form - no noise, no motor, no moving parts - only a body and a wing. Paragliders are typically launched from gentle, grassy hillsides after a setup time of about 5 or 10 minutes. A moderate run for 10 to 20 feet will get the pilot into the air. Paragliders are extremely maneuverable and can stay aloft for hours and fly for hundreds of miles. At Bozeman Paragliding, our expert staff is ready to fill your paragliding needs. Our professional and certified tandem pilots and instructors are prepared to introduce you to the incredible landscapes and panoramic views of Montana via paraglider! No prior experience is necessary to step into the sky and soar with us. We will make your adventure a safe and unforgettable one. Bozeman Paragliding also offers a full service flight school for the paragliding enthusiast.

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