Earth’s Treasures

25 N Wilson Ave Ste B
Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: 406-586-3451

Montana means mountains, and where you have mountains you have those who know how to garner the most precious finds from its ancient geology. Earth's Treasures is the little museum and mining store in downtown Bozeman. Here you will find unique gifts: fossils, crystals, dinosaur poop, metal detectors, butterfly wing jewelry (only harvested after a natural death), rock tumblers, gold pans and affordable gemstone jewelry. Cool stuff for the serious collector as well as small children. Also available are books, collection boxes, kits and magnifying loupes. Don't miss the Bug Wall. It truly is not just a store but a museum, where young and old can browse, Come in and enjoy the treasures of the earth that many people will never see.

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