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Founded in 1995 by Don Baide, The Gem Gallery in downtown Bozeman is a locally and nationally renowned jewelry store. The gallery specializes in creating custom designed jewelry and is home to an impressive array of both Montana’s and the world’s finest stones.

To ensure the highest intensity of color and brilliance, Don personally selects each gem carried at The Gem Gallery. Only the best gemstones from around the world meet Don’s quality standards, each of which is hand-cut to precise standards for maximum brilliance. Exceptional diamonds are hand-selected from Antwerp, Belgium, Burmese rubies and African Tanzanites shimmer in radiant splendor, and an array of Montana mined Sapphires are available in a rainbow of colors.

The Gem Gallery is also proud to feature a major collection of brilliant, all-natural, untreated Yogo Sapphires. More rare than diamonds and only found in Montana, Yogo Sapphires are prized throughout the world for their striking cornflower blue color. Brilliant alone, the stones’ beauty is further enhanced in The Gem Gallery’s exclusively designed jewelry.

Just as special and valuable as the gems themselves, The Gem Gallery’s jewelry creations reflect a commitment to detail and craftsmanship. The gallery’s creative, award-winning goldsmiths strive to create custom designs that reflect a customer’s lifestyle and unique tastes. Each piece is taken from the idea stage to the finished product with the utmost attention to quality. Both gold and platinum is available, and one-of-a-kind rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings are Gem Gallery specialties.

In addition to its exquisite gems and jewelry, The Gem Gallery is pleased to offer gem-cutting services. No stone is too small for the talented Gem Gallery staff, and volume cutting done in Thailand and Sri Lanka is also available to the gallery’s customers. Every stone is cut to precise angles and polished to perfection, and custom cutting is available upon request.

Can’t find the stone you’re looking for? Check back frequently as newly cut and polished stones are added daily. Interested in the Gem Gallery’s award-winning stones and service but have no plans to visit Bozeman anytime soon? No problem. The Gem Gallery is pleased to offer a selection of its products on-line, and the staff is happy to work with customers from across the world via the Internet and telephone.

The next time you’re in the market for a brilliant gem or new piece of jewelry, don’t settle for the standard selection available from chain jewelry stores. Create an exceptional piece that is distinctly yours with the precious stones, expertise, and unbeatable friendly service that has garnered The Gem Gallery a legacy of quality.

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