Museum of the Rockies

600 West Kagy Blvd. • Bozeman, MT 59717
Phone: 406-955-2251 • Fax: 406-994-2682

On the south side of the Montana State University campus in Bozeman.

Montana and the Northern Rockies are changing by the minute. The Museum of the Rockies believes that we need to safeguard the objects from our past that tell the stories of this remarkable place, those that remind us who we are and where we came from. We believe in challenging visitors to understand how objects that carry messages from our past can change the way we see the present, and the future.

We also believe in bringing together the best science of today, from all over the world, to unite scholars and schoolchildren in the exploration of new knowledge. We believe that knowledge — an understanding of the past and a scientifically informed view of the present — will make for a bright future.

In 1957 the Museum of the Rockies was born as Dr. Caroline McGill’s remarkable gift to the people of Montana. Today, the Museum of the Rockies stewards nearly 300,000 objects and 500,000,000 years of history. One of the finest paleontology collections in North America is found under the museum’s roof, along with strong core collections in western history, textiles, Native American artifacts, and photography. The museum’s permanent exhibitions, which tell the story of development in the Northern Rockies over the past 4 billion years, are augmented by changing exhibits representing various facets of cultural and natural history. Indoor exhibitions are complemented by a fully operational, on-site, 19th century farm that helps preserve the state’s agricultural traditions.

The Museum of the Rockies is both a college-level division of Montana State University and an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit institution. Each year, the museum and its Board of Trustees must raise two-thirds of the museum’s budget through a combination of earned revenues and support from gifts and grants. There are many ways to give to the Museum of the Rockies, with many benefits and privileges available to you in thanks for your generosity. As we strengthen the Museum of the Rockies in the years to come, your support is more important than ever. We thank our members and donors for their loyalty and enthusiasm, and look forward to working with new friends in the future.

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