The Landmark Company Real Estate

30 E. Lyndale Ave • Helena, MT 59601
Phone: 406-443-7070 • Fax: 406-443-0785

Located at the corner of Last Chance Gulch and Lyndale in historic Helena

Those living in the Helena area have known for years that The Landmark Company will work for you. They have been serving the Helena community since 1977. If you are just moving into this beautiful area they can help you find the just the right property. They are staffed by twenty-four full-time agents—some with over thirty years of real estate experience. The Landmark Company is experienced in all areas of real estate and has earned a reputation as Helena’s hometown realtors. If you are looking for residential, commercial, ranch, recreational property, or a creative transaction let the expertise of the agents at The Landmark Company guide you through a rewarding real estate experience.

When flying into the Helena airport be sure and see the diorama depicting the Hellgate Canyon, one of Helena’s most scenic areas, featured in the center of the airport. The diorama artist is Celeste Sotola, who has been a fine artist for over thirty years and has relocated from Chicago to Helena. The Landmark Company proudly sponsors Celeste Sotola’s contribution to the great community of Helena.

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