Wolf Point Chamber of Commerce

218 3rd Avenue South, Unit B • Wolf Point, MT 59201
Phone: 406-653-2012

Located on 3rd Ave. S, between Anaconda Street and Benton Street.

Wolf Point is the county seat of Roosevelt County and is the largest city in the county, boasting a population of 3,000 residents. Located in the Southwest corner of Roosevelt County in the historic Missouri River Valley, Wolf Point is the trade center for northeast Montana.

The history of the Wolf Point area goes back many years to when a traveler on the river, in 1842, noted in his journals the many wolves sighted near old Wolf Point. There were several fur-trading forts that operated in the area, run by the American Fur Company. One example of this was Fort Charles, located near the present site of the Missouri River Bridge. Other sites have been discovered, but the names are unknown. In the 1860's and 1870's when the river steamboat was the principle mode of travel, Wolf Point was a refueling point as well as an Indian trading post. During the 1870's winter fur-trappers stacked their wolf hides along the river to wait for spring and for the steamboats to transport their cargo to markets in the East. The name "Wolf Point" was here to stay.

The little trading post eventually grew into a small hamlet of several hundred in population. The railroad came to the area in the late 1880's and soon the romantic riverboats were a thing of the past. In 1912, the Fort Peck Indian Reservation was opened to homesteaders and the town of Wolf Point moved from the river bank to the railroad, about one mile North. Today, visitors can enjoy their modern shopping center and a town known throughout the United States for its "Wild Horse Stampede". The stampede is Montana's oldest and best rodeo and is held during the second weekend of July each year.

Visit the Wolf Point Chamber of Commerce website for more information on the area.

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