High Plains Gallery
and Frame Shop

215 3rd Avenue • Havre, MT 59501
Phone: 406-265-3125 • Toll Free: 800-544-0683 • Fax: 406-265-9106

Located on 3rd Avenue in the center of Havre.

High Plains Gallery and Frame Shop sells framed art from various artists and also offers custom framing services. They make their own barn wood and oak frames. The barn wood comes from real Montana farms providing a special authentic touch. High Plains Gallery offers a large selection of limited edition, signed artwork. Their gallery is proud to represent many local Montana artists including Tim Cox, Terry Redlin, Monte Dolack, Robert Duncan, and more. Since they call Montana home, they specialize in art that makes a distinguishing pair with their frames, western art. You can see samples of their artwork through their Directory of Artists. For additional samples, visit their website. Simply click on the artists' name and a catalog of the artwork available will be sent upon request.

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