Liberty County Chamber of Commerce

15 Washington • P.O. Box 632 • Chester, MT 59522
Phone: 406-759-4848 • Fax: 406-759-4848

Located on Washington, on Highway 2 in Chester.

Lewis and Clark, and their expedition, were the first recorded white men in Liberty County. Following they’re lead came fur trappers, hardy adventurers, and a few prospectors; and in the 1880’s large cattle and sheep ranches were established. Homesteader “shacks” appeared virtually every quarter of half-section as people swarmed into the newly opened territory. Many who came went broke, perished in drought, or froze in the long, cold winters. Others stuck out the hardships and formed the basis for the modern mechanized farming economy prevalent in the area today.

Liberty County, in northcentral Montana, covers 1458 square miles or 920,960 acres. Chester, the county seat, is 90 miles north of Great Falls, 114 miles east of East Glacier, 60 miles west of Havre, and 50 miles from the Canadian border. There is a wide variety of activities for visitors in this area to enjoy. Recreation opportunities range from hunting, fishing, camping and hiking to playing or watching sports.

Liberty Village Arts Center and Gallery is located in Chester and sponsors local, state, and national visual and graphic arts shows and workshops year-round. The art center is open year-round on Tuesday through Friday, and Sunday, from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The art center also houses a small gift shop of original art work including pottery; paper, wheat, and metal sculptures; jewelry; photographs and much more.

The Liberty County Museum is located just three blocks south of US Highway #2. It stresses authentic displays of the Homestead Era. The museum is open from Memorial Day through September 15th. Get more information about it from the Liberty County Courthouse.

The Sweetgrass hills, located in the northern part of Liberty County, are the highest isolated peaks in the United States. Rising nearly 7,000 feet, these mountains are volcanic in origin and believed to be millions of years old. Rich with history, they are unique and beautiful. A must visit site on your Liberty County visit.

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