Two Medicine Dinosaur Center

120 2nd Avenue S. • Bynum, MT 59419
Phone: 406-469-2211 • Toll Free: 800-238-6873 • Fax: 406-469-2241
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Located halfway between Great Falls and Glacier Park on Hwy 89, 13 miles north of Choteau.

The Two Medicine Dinosaur Center is dedicated to providing hands-on, educational experiences in the field, in the lab, and through its exhibits within the organization‚s museum. The Center houses a full sized skeletal replica of the world's largest dinosaur-the Seismosaurus that is 137.5 feet long and 23 feet tall!. Other displays include a section of a recently completed excavation with bones from two species of dinosaur still embedded in the matrix. There is a windowed prep lab where visitors can watch as technicians work on new dinosaur species. Also available are field programs where participants can assist in actual scientific research, from 3 hours to 10 days in duration and require advance registration. Paleontologist, Dave Trexler, one of the world's leading experts on duckbilled dinosaurs leads research at the Two Medicine Dinosaur Center. They are open 7 days a week, 9-5, Memorial Day through Labor Day, and 10-3, Sunday through Thursday the rest of the year. Visit their website or call for more information.

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