Mills Wilderness Adventures of Montana

P.O. Box 2 • Augusta, MT 59410
Phone: 406-562-3576 • Toll Free: 888-560-3576

If you are driving to Augusta from Great Falls, merge onto I-15N. Take Exit 290 (MT-200W) towards Choteau / Missoula. At Simms, turn Right onto US-21. Go approximately 20 miles turned left at the 'Y' stop sign and go into Augusta. Proceed to 122 Main Street and the Bunkhouse Inn.

If you are driving from Missoula or Helena, you need to be on MT-200. Proceed to US 287 at Bowman’s Corner. There is a yellow flashing light at this junction. Proceed North on US 287. You will come to a stop sign on Augusta’s Main Street. Turn right and proceed to the Bunkhouse Inn at 122 Main Street.

Are you looking for that special adventure trip? Are you seeking a great fishing trip, want to see the fossils left behind on high mountain peak? Do you just want to relax and enjoy a little peace and quiet? Then you have come to the right place. Mills Wilderness Adventures of Augusta offers hoseback pack trips with excellent fishing in the Bob Marshall Wilderness and Scapegoat Wilderness. We’d love to show you Montana’s best kept secret, the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. We’re a family owned and operated business specializing in sharing our love of the wilderness, fishing, camping, and horses with you, our guests. We have over 25 years of experiences sharing our ‘back yard’ with groups large and small. We offer a variety of trips to our guests, ranging from 3 to 8 days, with the choice of roving trips or a 7-day base camp trip. For those who want to sample the wilderness, we suggest our 3-day pack trips to Prairie Reef. Ah, the view you’ll see from there—better bring your camera! We also offer fall adventures for sportsmen. Contact us for more information.

A hunt in the Bob Marshall is truly an experience you will never forget. Our areas are some of the most beautiful places left on the earth. There will be no phones ringing, no fax machines buzzing, no traffic, and no smog. You will lose yourself in the quiet of the wilderness. Enjoy the thrill of riding out early in the morning with great anticipation of a good day’s hunt. With a touch of luck you will experience the adrenaline rush of getting on a bull or a nice mule buck. If a bull or a buck is bagged you will feel the pride of a well-earned reward. Camp Camaraderie is something to be treasured as well. Some of our closest friends are guests (summer and hunting) who have been on a trip with us. Our guides, packers, and cooks, though rugged westerners, are friendly and accommodating to all. We don’t wait on people hand and foot, but we do consider you our guests and treat you as such.

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