Shelby Chamber of Commerce

102 Main Street • Shelby, MT 59474
Phone: 406-434-7184 • Fax: 406-434-9151

The visitor center is located with the Chamber offices.

Shelby, Montana, the county seat of Toole County, is located in north central Montana, approximately 30 miles south of the Canadian border and about 80 miles east of Glacier National Park. Shelby had a population of about 3,216. The Port of Sweetgrass, 35 miles north of Shelby, is the major port entry on the Alaska-Canada highway. It's the busiest port between Blaine, Wash. and Pembina, N. D. Also, the Burlington Northern/Santa Fe east-west main line tracks pass through Shelby linking Chicago to Seattle, and Interstate I-15 gives quick access to north and south destinations. Shelby's geographical location makes it a natural site for a transportation center, north into Canada, west to the Pacific Coast, east to the Minneapolis-Chicago area, or south on I-15 to Los Angeles.

Please e-mail or call 1-406-434-7184 with any questions or information you would my have about Shelby or Toole County.

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