Bull River Candle Company

4 Airport Road • P.O. Box 2512 • Thompson Falls, MT 59873
Phone: 406-827-9598 • Fax: 406-827-9599

Located on Highway 200 about a mile east of downtown Thompson Falls.

This family business sees themselves as much more than candle makers; they are craftsman who work hard to develop the most exquisitely fragranced and visually appealing candles on the market. In their own candle factory, all of their soy-based candles are crafted from a custom blend of premium ingredients to provide a clean burn and maximize scent throw. They use lead-free wicks and triple scent all of their candles all the way through, producing the perfect fragrance intensity all the way down to the last bit of wax. Distinct packaging and a wide-variety of fragrances are just part of their charm. Unique scents like Baby Powder, White Zinfandel, Pear Champagne, Huckleberry Lemonade, Huckleberry Espresso, Sweetgrass and Sage, Fresh Brewed Coffee, Leather, and even Campfire Cider-just to name a few.

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