DeShazer Ryan Realty

400 Hwy W. • Libby, MT 59923
Phone: 406-293-7706 • Toll Free: 877-707-7296 • Fax: 406-293-9547

Located right across from the Chamber of Commerce on Hwy 2 West in Libby.

Libby offers scenic beauty combined with the romance only snow-capped peaks and clear mountain lakes and streams can provide. DeShazer Ryan Realty gives you the superb service and the peace of mind you get from working with experienced professionals. They offer a premium selection of property in Libby, Troy, Yaak, and the surrounding areas including river, lake and creek frontage property. Let them help you find your Montana real estate dream in what is becoming known as the “last best place.” They welcome you to call them today for fast, friendly, professional real estate services. They are the affordable solution to buyers looking to get away from it all and escape to the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness, Libby's 95,000 acre backyard.

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