Kootenai House

659 Hwy 93 N. • Eureka, MT 59917
Phone: 406-297-7972 • Fax: 406-297-7016
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Located about a mile north of downtown Eureka on Highway 93 North.

The Kootenai House is considered one on Montana’s most unique stores and home to wonderful Glacier Wear, manufacturers of handcrafted fur garments and accessories. The luxurious finished fur products and tanned pelts that Glacier Wear is known for are now available to the public at wholesale prices. You would have to search far and wide to find so many Prime #1 quality furs in stock in one location. The crafter will also find many hard to find supplies such as claws, teeth, and horns. They also make authentic Hudson's Bay and Witney Blanket Capotes and Canoe Jackets. Each item is manufactured with the utmost in quality and offered to you at wholesale prices. You can also find Western art, antiques, home accessories, jewelry, and rugs in this extraordinary store.

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