Skydive Lost Prairie, Inc.

3175 Lower Lost Prairie Rd • Marion, MT 59925
Phone: 406-858-2493

E Go west from Kalispell on Highway 2. This will be in the direction toward Libby, Montana. Approximate driving time is 50 minutes. Do not go to the town of Marion.

* Your best references are the milepost markers along the road. As you pass the city limits of Kalispell, the milepost marker number is approximately #121.
* As you head out of Kalispell, the milepost marker numbers decrease in value. Between milepost marker #88 and #87 is where you will turn from the highway.
* The road that you need to take is marked with a green and white highway sign that says: LOST PRAIRIE ROAD (and the second line reads: OLD R.R. GRADE).
* On your left will be McGregor Lake. You will be making a right turn from the highway on to Lost Prairie Road. Check your odometer as you leave the highway.
* You will travel four miles on Lost Prairie Road.
* The first mile of Lost Prairie Road is paved and then it becomes a gravel road.
* You will start going up hill and pass through a timbered area. At the four mile point, you will be in a valley and the airport and drop zone, will be to your immediate right. Once you see the airport, you will not lose sight of it. You will travel another 0.3 mile to our mailboxes (there are approximately 20 mailboxes grouped together) where you will make a right turn. This will bring you into the parking lot,which is located on your left. YOU MADE IT.

Skydive Lost Prairie Montana is nestled in a beautiful secluded valley. Located 34 miles west of Kalispell, our private airport is surrounded by gorgeous mountains, peppered with pristine lakes. See it all with a unique point of view. For an experience during your Montana vacation you’ll never forget, fly like an eagle soaring 9,000 feet above God’s country. Only minimal instruction is needed. Our most popular program is TANDEM skydiving. It takes approximately one hour to practice and prepare for your first jump. Then, it's off into the wild blue yonder to spread your wings!. On your Tandem Skydive, you will be accompanied by a highly qualified instructor who will help you with every phase of the jump. You'll exit high above the airport with your harness securely fastened to the instructor's harness. You will get to experience the thrill of freefall. And since you're a passenger, you can enjoy the view while the instructor opens, steers and lands the parachute. It's easy, it's comfortable, and above all--it's FUN. you will be amazed by the beauty and exhilaration of falling free through the BIG SKY COUNTRY skies. Come skydive in Montana.

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