Captain Wm. Clark

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Captain Wm. Clark

Greycliff ,Livingston Area

General info

Location: Near Greycliff

You are now following the historic trail of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. On his return from the Pacific in July 1806, Captain Clark camped for six days about forty miles downstream, near Park City. The Expedition had been looking for timber suitable for building canoes ever since striking the river near Livingston. They found a couple of large cottonwoods here that would serve. They fitted their axes with handles made from chokecherry and went to work making two canoes. When finished they laced them together with a deck of buffalo hides between. Seven men, Sacajawea, and her child went curving down the river on this makeshift yacht, arriving at the mouth of the Yellowstone August 3rd. Captain Lewis split off north on the return trip and explored the Marias River and returned via the Missouri, joining them on August 12th.

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